You need another pair of pointe shoes again!!

Once you start taking pointe classes you will notice how quickly your shoes will die and you need another new pair and then another new pair, and another new pair of pointe shoes. 

We all wish that pointe shoes could last longer but unfortunately they have a life span of approximately 10-15 hours if you are in dance training.

How long they last depends on a lot of different factors;

  • how many hours of pointe work you do per week

  • what type of pointe work you do in a class

  • how strong your feet are

  • how flexible your feet are

  • How much you weigh 

Pointe shoes are made of natural materials which means that most of them break down when they are wet. It is impossible for your not to sweat in your pointe shoes when you are dancing and this will make the box prone to break down quickly. 

Pointe shoes are also not cheap, and until your feet have stopped growing and you know exactly what brand and style fits you the best, you also need to make a trip to a pointe shoe fitter. So not only are they expensive, it is also time consuming getting new shoes.

Whether you are a ballet dancer who goes through several pointe shoes a month or perhaps one pair a term, it is always a good idea to try to make them last as long as possible. 

Pile of worn pointe shoes from The Collective Dancewear

So here are some of our best tips on how to look after your pointe shoes



Look after your pointe shoes by letting them dry properly after your class. Don't store them in a pointe shoe bag straight away but leave them out after your class.

Pointe Shoes



Another way to make your pointe shoes last longer is to stuff them with paper such as news paper, kitchen roll or tissue paper in between classes. It will help them keep their shape and also soak up any extra moisture.

scrunched up paper

 Grishko sell a specific pointe shoe dryer insert made of silica gel granules that can help draw out the moisture quicker.




Once your shoes are dry make sure you store them in a mesh bag so that they can continue to be aired. 


 Pointe shoes with its mesh pointe shoe bag



If you wear toe pads then you should make sure you don't leave them in your pointe shoes - they also need to dry properly. AND don't forget to wash the toe pads regularly...

toe pads for pointe shoes



You can also use a type of pointe shoe hardener make your pointe shoes last longer. You can apply it to the inside as well as the outside of the box, and on the inside and outside of the shank of the shoe. You can target the areas of your pointe shoes that die the quickest.

There are several products you can use; such as Jet Glue, Shellac or wood hardener. 

We use Ronseal's Wet Rot Wood Hardener. It is a lot cheaper than the products you can buy in dance shops and a tub will last you years! Brush it on with a small paint brush and let it dry properly for a couple of hours. 

Ronseal Wet rot hardener


If you do a lot of pointe work then it might be a good idea to have more than one pair that you rotate. Pointe shoes can take up to 36 hours to dry fully. If you dance in them every day they will never have time to dry properly and you will kill your pointe shoes faster. So get another couple of pairs of pointe shoes and rotate them, this way your pointe shoes will have longer to dry out in between classes and therefor last longer. 

Rotate your pointe shoes with at least two pairs of pointe shoes



Darning your pointe shoes can be good way to make sure that the platform and the satin last longer. If you darn your point shoes with a crochet tread it will serve as a reinforcement for your shoe.

The platform and the box will stay firm longer since the thread will take a lot longer to wear away than the satin would.

Here are another few reasons why darning might be a good option for you: 

  • It creates a slightly wider platform for you to balance balance on
  • It creates friction while turning and might help you with your pirouettes
  • It quiets the box
  • It helps you find your box
  • It can help to lengthen the line of your foot.


a pair of darned pointe shoes

We hope some of these suggestions will help your pointe shoes last a little bit longer. Please comment below if you have any other good tips on how to make your pointe shoes last longer. 

Are you about to get your first pair of pointe shoes? Then don't forget to read our blog Let's talk about pointe shoes which is all about what you should think about before buying your first pair. 

Helena & Sarah
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