Here we are... the first blog, on our new website, for our new business, The Collective Dancewear!

Who are we, and how did we end up setting up The Collective Dancewear together? 

We are two mums who met quite a few years ago at our daughters' local dance school. We quickly became good friends chatting whilst waiting for our girls to finish their ballet classes.
Recently we realised that we were both at a time in our careers where we felt we wanted to do something different, and also work for ourselves.

Dancers always want a new leotard and we have spent many years and lots of money buying new styles for auditions, summer or easter intensives, open classes, master classes or for any other reason our daughters have given us in order to get a new leotard. And who can blame them - you can never have too many shoes, handbags or leotards can you?

So that was it really! One day, over coffee, we were jokingly talking about what if we started a dancewear business together. The kind of small shop that can be a great alternative to the big players in the dancewear market. Somewhere where you can find pretty, but different, good quality leotards at affordable prices. So that's how The Collective Dancewear was born.  We are starting with leotards, and have plans and hopes to add skirts, warm-ups and accessories to our range in the near future.

Who are we?

Sarah is originally from Hampshire and has a Bachelor's degree in Fashion and Textiles Design from Brighton University. She has 30 years of experience as a fashion buyer for several of the largest retailers, globally in womens and childrenswear . She loves gardening and leotards of course :-)

Helena is originally from Sweden and moved to England nearly 25 years ago.  She lived and studied in Paris for a year before gaining her Master's degree in Film studies and Media communication from Stockholm University. After having finished her University studies she has had a career in tourism, marketing & employer branding, finance and operations management.

Between us we have:
3 dancing daughters
1 son who loves cricket and rugby
2 demanding cats
1 very happy dog 
and finally 2 husbands who are both hoping on retiring early to play golf every day once this new little business venture takes off! :-) 

Two Siamese cats with bows                            
Another thing we do have is a lot of knowledge about most things dance related; like buying your first pointe shoes, how to make that perfect ballet bun, where to go for open classes, what about associate courses, and summer intensives, what dance shows you mustn't miss, what not to wear in an audition and much much more and our intention is to share this with you in our future blogs. 

We hope you like our website and we hope you will like our leotards .We would love to hear from you and your friends so please share our posts and comment below. 


Sarah and Helena


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