At the end of last year we launched our first ever worldwide ambassador search. We had a large number of applicants and to be honest we would have loved to take every single one on as our brand ambassadors. 
In the end we decided on two levels of ambassadorships; Principal Ambassadors and Soloist Ambassadors and we would like to introduce them to you here!




Dancer Jorgia Prow Brand Ambassador of The Collective Dancewear

Jorgia is 14 years old and from Scotland. 

She is currently a full time student at The Dance School Of Scotland which is a full time vocational ballet school. She is also a Scottish Ballet Senior Associate as well as a Royal Ballet Belfast Associate. 

Jorgia trains in classical ballet as well as jazz, contemporary, tap and modern dance. Her favourite style of dance is ballet followed by contemporary dance and she hopes to one day become a professional dancer. 

 Instagram: @dancer_jorgia_


Ballet Dancer Phoebe Chubb, Brand ambassador for The Collective Dancewear


Phoebe is 14  years old and lives in London, England. 

She trains at Dance Gems in Wimbledon and Ibstock school with Mary Goodhew.

She is also a Royal Ballet School Senior Associate in London.

Phoebe trains in both Cecchetti and RAD ballet as well as  neo contemporary and jazz.  Classical ballet is her favourite style of dance and in particular cecchetti, since she finds it to be the most expressive.

Phoebe is currently working hard to reach her goal to be accepted to a vocational ballet upper school. 

Instagram: @ballerina.phoebe



Dancer Aimee Wandless Ambassador for The Collective Dancewear

  Aimee is 16 and lives in Cornwall, United Kingdom. 

She has. been dancing for the last 8 years and trains every day at Victoria’s Dance Academy and Scruffy Mutt Dance company (SMDC). She does a variety of dance styles: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Pointe, Contemporary, Acro, Commercial, Musical Theatre and also act and sing alongside her dance training. If she has to pick one favourite it would be Contemporary as she loves to express her emotions on stage and be in the moment, feeling the music and performing is her passion. Aimee has also had the opportunity to compete both both nationally and internationally and she has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

Aimee's  dream is to one day be a performer in the West End and then later become a dance teacher. 

Instagram: @danceraimeemay_



Dancer Jasmine Lennox brand ambassador for The Collective Dancewear


Jasmine is 18 years old and lives in Portsmouth, UK.

She trains at Giselle Academy in Portsmouth and is also a senior dance associate at Urdang Academy in London!

She trains in ballet, tap, modern, jazz and commercial but her favourite style is Fosse jazz!
One of her
 proudest moment was performing in the pantomime Aladdin last year after successfully auditioning to her dream panto for the first time! This was one of her proudest moments because she was so inspired by the cast and after the show ended Jasmine realised how much musical theatre and dance means to her and it gave her the motivation to become the dancer she is today!

Her aspiration is to be a professional performer on the west end stage. 

Instagram: @jazzlennox





Dancer Ruby Copeland Brand Ambassador for The Collective Dancewear

Ruby is 10 years old and lives in Hertfordshire, UK.

She currently trains at Georgina Pay School of Dance as well as being a Junior Associate at the Royal Ballet School in London and and attending Tring Park’s Classical Ballet Academy.

She loves dancing classical ballet and has just got her first pair of pointe shoes so she is now very excited to start pointe work. 

Dancing makes her feel happy and she loves performing to others which she has had the opportunity to do as a company member of Three County Youth Ballet. 

She also loves the friends she makes at dance and how supportive they are.

Her dream is to become a professional ballet dancer and perform at the Royal Opera House and her proudest moment was getting into the Royal Ballet School. 

Instagram:  @ruby_ballet_dancer


Dancer Sara Runfola Brand Ambassador for The Collective Dancewear

Sara is 18 years old and lives in Florence, Italy

She is a professional dancer and recently graduated from the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm.

She started dancing when she was about 3 years old and since that day, she has never stopped dancing. Sara is trained in classical ballet and contemporary and at the moment she is looking for a job which has been hard due to the pandemic. 

 She doesn't have a favourite style of dance but loves both classical and contemporary and she thinks that both styles are equally essential for your training. She loves the way her body moves when doing contemporary and she likes the artistry and technique that classical style has.

 Everyday is a proud moment in for Sara; she is thankful for what she does and how far she has come. She still remember the day she got the acceptance email from the Royal Swedish Ballet School and how overwhelmed and proud she felt.

Instagram: @sararballet



(Evangeline, Elena & Eva)

Evangeline 'Eva' Curtis

Dancer Eva Curtis Brand Ambassador of the Collective Dancewear

Eva is 10 years old and lives with her sister Ellie in Jersey.

The two of them have a joint instagram account with their friend Eva.

She trains at Silhouette Studios of Performance in Jersey and she dances every day after school. She does ballet, tap, modern, acro,contemporary, hip hop, highland,  ballet  and modern.

She also attends the Channel Islands Associate Programme once a month which she loves. 
Her favourite style of dance is ballet, lyrical and contemporary and her proudest achievement was winning 2 gold medals for her lyrical and highland solos at the Dance World Cup Jersey Qualifier in March.

One day Eva would love to be a dancer or a dance teacher but she knows she has many years of hard work ahead of her!


Elena 'Ellie' Curtis

Dancer Ellie Curtis Brand Ambassador The Collective Dancewear

 Ellie is 13 and lives in Jersey.

She trains at Silhouette Studios of Performance in Jersey along with her sister Eva and best friend Eva and they also have the joint instagram account together. She also attends the Channel Islands associate programme once a month.

Living in the Channel Islands it can be difficult to get off the island to experience different workshops and dance styles so the Channel Island Associate programme is really good for giving her lots of opportunities!

She started dancing when she was two years old and today she dances after school everyday. She studies ballet and earlier this year she started to go on pointe, which she is really enjoying!

Eva also studies tap, modern, hip hop, acro, highland, contemporary, musical theatre and modern as well as having singing lessons, which she loves!

Eva's proudest moment was when she won a bronze medal for her group jazz for Team Jersey at the Dance World Cup in Sitges Spain in 2018.

She is also super proud that her solo tap won 5th place and she is hoping to represent Jersey again next year at the Dance World Cup!

She loves performing, singing and competing but she is still not sure if that is what she wants to do as a career and at the moment she is also considering architecture!

Eva Oury

Dancer Eva Oury Brand Ambassador of The Collective Dancewear

Eva is 11 years old and is also from jersey.  She has an instagram account together with her friends Eva and Ellie and they also dance together at Silhouette studios of performance, Jersey  as well as at Channel Island Dance Company Associates program .
She loves to dance has been dancing since she was 3.
Eva currently trains in Ballet, Modern, Tap, Contemporary, Highland dancing, Hip hop, acro, as well as musical theatre and singing and her favourite style of dance is ballet and lyrical.
Dancing makes her feel happy and it helps her feel good about herself. 
It also pushes her to keep improving and she loves being at the studio with her friends and teachers.
Eva's aspiration is to work hard and be better tomorrow than what she is today. 

Joint Instagram: @dance_friends_3



Dancer Clarie Chua Brand Ambassador for the Collective Dancewear


Clarie is 13 years old and lives in Singapore.

She trains with Dance Pointe Academy Singapore in classical ballet, lyrical and contemporary,  She has danced for 10 years already and her favourite style would probably be lyrical. 

Dance is her stress reliever and she loves the way dance can allow her to express herself without words but also how it allows her to challenge and push herself to her limits, all while doing what she loves!

One of her proudest moments was winning first place in the CSTD classical open category en pointe! 

Instagram: @clarie_xinying